Me And The Soapy Firemen

By | April 25, 2011


The sex shop was quiet, just us and a couple of assistants. Apparently the rush doesn’t start until around lunchtime on Saturdays. So if you are shy about visiting a store near you why not go early on Saturday morning. 😉

As usual we did the rounds spotting loads of toys we have reviewed over at Sex Toys Buzz. I couldn’t resist going over to the other end of the counter to check out if they have any new ranges. At that point an assistant started giving me the technical info … I humoured her, couldn’t quite bring myself to say “… actually I do this for a living …”

I wonder if she has guessed that we are a little more involved in the adult arena than most of her visitors. 🙂

We had a look at the DVDs but as is quite common these days we have the newest titles sent to us for review before the shops I have a couple to watch later.

On the way back we decided to take a different route and I spotted a charity car wash sign handwritten by the roadside. I looked around for the providers of the service, expecting them to be a bunch of boy scouts or girl guides raising funds.

But no. the boys who were doing the soapy rub downs were the local firemen. They were armed with buckets of water dressed in their fireman’s trousers and a black t-shirt. I suddenly felt the urge to have the car cleaned but Alex drove on by. 🙁

I wonder if they will be there tomorrow…