Fucking Is Fun

By | April 25, 2011

Man & WomanD’ya know there are a huge number of egregiously mean spirited people on the net. Apparently motivated by a fundamentally negative state of mind they seem intent on producing the most pathetic and vacuous posts and comments possible.

It’s not limited to one particular form of online publishing.

I first became aware of this on YouTube. Just reading rant after rant against videos that were in themselves not deserving of such vitriol turned me off to reading comments on that site at all. It’s so easy to be offensive to people online, whether it’s by swearing at them or taking the line that you are intellectually superior to them and rubbing them up the wrong way. Why do it? You just make yourself look an idiot.

A colleague at work said exactly that to me a couple of weeks ago; Whenever he placed a request to help on a particular technical (IT) forum all he seemed to get in reply was “Oh, surely you know how to do that …” Yeah, very helpful, NOT!

For some people web 2.0 has become a place to express their own neuroses rather than contribute to group creativity.

It applies to blogs too, posts full of “why I hate this” really don’t do it for me. Yes, the occasional post about your dislikes is fine even if you can offer up no particular reason, we all have out own preferences and we shouldn’t always have to justify them logically. Often it’s difficult if not impossible to give a specific reason why we like or dislike a certain thing because our taste is based on a lifetime of experiences and an apparently irrational opinion can be rooted in events that cross decades.

A balanced argument is nice when possible, explaining your reasons for taking one view or the other. In writing it the author often learns as much about themselves as the reader does.

This is why I say fucking is fun. Occasionally I come across stuff on the web that spends so much time analysing the subject matter that you really have to ask … Why? There’s a point where analysis becomes pedantry and you wring the life, soul and fun out of a subject. When you do that to sex you miss the point of the whole act. Sex is about three things – procreation, bonding and fun.  If you over analyse sex it does beg the question … Why?

There’s that question again … Why?

Sex is fun and if you don’t get that you’ve missed the point. We love to read good advice about sex, be that in relation to contraception, safe sex, or just having a great time in bed; just don’t get so uptight about sex that you end up disappearing up you own arse analysing it all.