Fuck Me Harder, Make Me Cum

By | April 25, 2011

Alex and I kissed deeply, passionately as he pressed his chest down on to my soft mounds.  He started to run his thigh between my legs, teasing my clit.  I reciprocally ground my moist cunt in to his leg.  He knew I wanted him too.

It was a balmy night and we both lay on the bed naked and wanting, the afternoon sun having ignited our desire.  How good did it feel to retire to the bedroom on a sunny Sunday afternoon for a quick fumble and a fuck.  😉

His tongue was probing my mouth as his lips pushed against mine forming a hermetic seal of lust and desire.  My heart was racing and my blood coursing through my body making me tingle with excitement.

He coaxed me on to my side with his leg and whispered in my ear “I’m gonna fuck you bitch”.  I love it when he talks to me that way, surly, domineering and so sexy.  Complying I rolled on to my right hip as he knelt behind me.

I felt his hands on my buttocks, the warmth of his body conducted through his fingertips.  He briefly moulded and squeezed my ass for a moment and then gave me a spank on my right cheek before pushing his hard cock inside me.

Gasping I raised my hips to meet his first thrust.  He then started to run me through like an executioner’s sword, direct, purposefully unmerciful.  I moaned my appreciation of his forthright approach.  Wanting him to take me, break me, make me.

Rough is how I wanted to be taken.  No airs and graces just the carnal act and sating my lust.  He took hold of my hair in his hand and started to gently pull.  My head tilted backwards, he was riding me, controlling me, making me his and that’s what I wanted more than anything.

Dominate me, fuck me…

At that moment I felt a uncontrollable urge to reciprocate and take control of him.  I reached over my head to the bed post where we have suspended several whips and crops and retrieved the first which came to hand.

Momentarily I was distracted as I came, my pussy and thighs moist with my juices.  My senses regained I reached behind me in the general direction of Alex’s left buttock and flicked my wrist soliciting a light blow to his ass with my mini whip.

I heard him moan as he responded pushing deeper inside me.  Fuck I’m sure he hit my cervix!  That was trigger for me and my automatic response was to thrash him again, this time harder with the accompanying command to “fuck me”.

“Fuck me”…thrash…”fuck me”…”yes I’m coming again”…thrash…

“Aghhh…” Alex replied in a slightly pained but pleasured tone which saw him thrust one more time and then quiver as he delivered his payload of semen deep inside my pussy.

Feeling his imminent release I licked my middle finger and applied it to my primed clitoris.  With rapid sideway flicks I found myself coming again as Alex shot his load inside me.  He loosened his grip on me and collapsed behind me, spent, sated, tripping.

We are one…