Getting Wood Makes Me Feel Good ;)

By | June 28, 2008

I had been expecting a parcel from the States for a couple of weeks now and it finally arrived today. While I was at work. As I entered the house and saw the familiar red and white card which the Royal Mail leave I was a little disappointed that I missed the delivery.

As I picked the card up it indicated that it had been left at a neighbour’s house. I felt an instant relief that my wait was over and began to get excited at the prospect of opening it up to reveal its contents.

Our neighbours are wonderful people and I’m sure must be wondering what we keep having delivered to our house. And I’m not telling. 😉 I collected the parcel and took it back to the house, deciding to wait until Alex got home before opening it.

It contained wooden toys, exquisite wooden toys and as I opened the parcel and revealed the contents it was like Christmas had arrived early. I thought the company were sending out one or two items for me us to review.

But as I reached inside the box I removed one box, then another, then another and by the time I emptied the box, there were 4 boxes to open. Each one containing something exotic and interesting to play with.

Have I got your interest? Do you want to know what I got?

Well, you will have to stay tuned and I will reveal all in time. But for now you can see the classy individual boxes they all arrived in above all standing on end like the monoliths in 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Suze says there are good times ahead! 😉