Animal Sexuality

By | April 28, 2011

WolfI like to study human behaviour I find it extremely interesting, particularly that of the male.  He tends to be more primitive in his behaviour than the female.  What do I mean by that?  Well, most males whether they care to admit it or not do things to secure a sexual partner or in some cases simply for sexual gratification.  This behaviour of course is in relation to social interaction with the opposite sex.

Recently I have been interacting a lot on social networking sites and as you may well expect given my previous observations, the majority of my friends are male.  This is by no means a conscious decision by me in that I only accept males, I would say that the number of males who approach me as opposed to females is about 97%.

Then I ask myself why?  Most probably because I like to flirt and involve them in my adult sites.  This may be putting the females off, I don’t really know as I also promote sex toys.

And a small proportion of the guys on there want to private message for sexual gratification, which is fine once for a bit of fun but tedious when all they want to do is interact behind the scenes for there own pleasure.  Then it becomes boring and makes me wonder if I should charge.  Lol

More recently I have noticed a social etiquette within the males I associate with.  If one guy starts to reciprocate and flirt back with me the others stand aside and don’t join in.  Almost as if waiting turn.  Tell me guys is this an unspoken rule amongst you that you give the guy a chance and take a side seat if he seems to be getting somewhere?

I told you I was interested in human behaviour but it does make you analyse situations perhaps a little too much.  What do you think?