Dirty Pictures And Keeping Your Council

By | May 1, 2011

Holly BattyeHaving blogged for 6 years now Alex and I have seen just about everything and witnessed bloggers who have come and gone.  Usually they disappear after being discovered, it doesn’t help when you show your face.  Bear in mind that anyone could stumble on your blog and if there is a face associated with it then you can’t expect to remain anonymous for long.

One such victim of this was a young Liberal Democrat candidate who posted up naughty images of herself on the Internet, including on the very popular image site Deviant Art.

She is seen wearing a ball gag and looking directly at the camera.  So anyone knowing Holly Ann Battye (a rather appropriate name.  lol) would be able to recognise her.  Miss Battye is obviously an intelligent lady, so whatever possessed her to post up semi naked images of her on a very popular site?

Could it be that she is naive, who knows.

You can read her the full story here and check out her other images here.