Hentai Girls Surprise

By | June 29, 2008

Hentai GirlWe had a little surprise today when we went to the local sex shop.

As the site was inaccessible and we needed cheering up we went to see if there were any new sex toys about. Sadly not, but we did spot something in the DVD section.

They have an excellent range as it’s a large store, but up until now one thing has been missing.


I suppose it must be because of the advent of online video sites providing everything including Hentai anime. Retail outlets (as opposed to online retailers) are always going to have trouble keeping up. In one way their rolling rental business model works against them. While it’s obvious that many customers simply go in regularly and swap one film for the next title they fancy – which provides as constant revenue stream – this means that they end up with a lot of relatively old titles on the shelves and unless they sell-off the old stock to make way for the new the DVDs available start to look a bit stale.

Anyway, not any more because the Japanese invasion is here with about half a dozen titles on display today.