Sunday Evening Time For Your Porn

By | May 1, 2011

Brunette On BackWhen it comes to erotica and porn anyone who has read this blog before will know that we have a wide range of tastes. You would also have picked up that like most people what we demand of our porn and erotica depends on our mood at the time.

Very few people can stand to watch, read or listen to the same stuff over and over again without getting bored. Even if you have a particular fetish or sexual orientation a bit of variety now and then has to be incorporated into your sexual experiences. Unless you simply want to see explicit full-on fucking however there has to be a bit of balance between the sex and the seduction no matter what erotic media you are consuming.

For a producer of erotica/porn to provide that they must have a wide view of what constitutes sexuality and an understanding of the key to unlocking and stimulating the sexuality of the adult mind.  Don’t you sometimes find that a bit lacking from some of the major producers?

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