We All Love A Naughty Nurse

By | May 2, 2011

Blue PVC NurseWe were watching a brand new naughty film last night and during a light medical fetish section saw the Dr-guy “examining” his female co-star with his rubber-gloved fingers and a magnifying glass. It was interesting, and as he wasn’t dragging her labia apart for the full gynaecological shot, OK to watch.

I don’t mind a bit of latex and PVC, medical connotations and a bare ass sticking up in to mid air to be “examined” and probed. All very kinky and great fun. There is a point where I would have to yell “Stop!”. That would probably involved the insertion of two instruments that I have seen used during this sort of scene.

First is the urethral probe. The only thing I want down the end of my urethra is the inquisitive top of a girl’s tongue, and then quit gently. The fact that you can buy graduated probes to stretch your urethra bemuses me. In fact now I’m thinking about it, it makes me wince.

Then there’s the speculum. Speculums have medical uses as do stethoscopes. However, where I’d find the playful application of a stethoscope to my body by a playful PVC clothed nurse a bit of a turn-on, seeing a speculum thrust inside a girl is too intrusive and clinical.

It’s interest to see what a woman’s vagina looks like, but not as part of sex. Anatomy lessons might be useful for understanding your partner’s body but not while you’re actually engaged in naughtiness.

Each to there own of course. If you have a favourite speculum that brings pleasure to you and your partner that’s great. You’re not hurting anyone and it is certainly intimate …

Is there anything you guys do or don’t like in the area of unusual sexual practices?