The Art Of Anal Gaping

By | May 2, 2011

AnalI’ll open this post by admitting that I’m not a fan of anal gaping.  It does nothing for me other than make me think “how the hell do they hold back the shit”.  Apologies for being so blunt but if your ass was to be naturally that open then there is no way you can hold in the inevitable.  Lol

It is neither exciting or stimulating to see a persons ass opening and closing as they are exposed to the camera.  For me, if your ass closes quickly then you are capable of keeping things in, otherwise you are liable to have accidents.

Of course the alternative to this is that they use Analease which is a rather scary product which claims to anaesthetise your anus to allow entry without the discomfort.  Now if that is the case then stop!  Your body is telling you something.

Seeing someone with a fully expanded asshole that closes slowly is not a good thing.   Your sphincter muscles should be ensuring that your ass closes fairly quickly.

I would also like to note that any guy fucking an Analeased ass would surely have a sensitivity issue in that he must be quite numb when he is fucking that ass.  This practice is so fraught with danger but has  become such a pre requisite of porn that I think there is no going back now.

Has pussy had its day?