Getting Some Attention At The Royal Wedding

By | May 2, 2011

Kate And WillsI watched along with millions of other commoners on Friday – William and Kate tying the knot.  It was never my intention to watch the wedding in full, I thought I could be canny and perhaps make the most of the quiet streets and venues, even considering watching one of the latest releases at the cinema.

That is until I started to get caught up in the occasion and I have to admit to liking Wills and his brother for being down to earth just as their mother the late Diana had intended them to be raised.

And then along came Kate the commoner who gets to marry a prince just like in a fairytale.  OK, so she wasn’t exactly secondary modern educated but all the same she has no lineage so that makes her just like you and me.

So I watched with anticipation as the all the guests started to arrive at Westminster Abbey in their Summer outfits.  I noted that teal and green seem to be in this year despite not being a follower of fashion, opting to the more classic timeless look instead.  Ever practical.  Lol

Therefore when Mrs Beckham arrived she peaked my interest mainly because I thought she perhaps got her occasions confused and had dressed for a funeral instead of a wedding.   Mrs Spoon/Mrs Bratz had opted for a rather demure and sombre outfit in black.

At first I thought that being pregnant she had perhaps tried to sink in to the background.  But no!  She had used a rather clever bit of psychology and selected a colour which wouldn’t disappear in to the background as much as stand out.

What colour would you normally select for a wedding, bright, bold and colourful would normally be the choice with the obvious denial of white it being the brides colour.  Which leads me to another thing, it was very strange to see the bridesmaids dressed in white alongside the bride when normally they would be dressed in a colour which would accentuate the bride.

It was an all together strange kind of wedding that made me and many others rethink the whole concept when it comes to dressing for the occasion.