The Kinks In America

By | June 29, 2008

Kym WildeSorry for the title you can blame Kim Wilde for that one. Lol The reason I mention her is because just the other day Alex wrote a post about her and I spotted something on the shelf featuring her at the Sex Shop when we visited today.

But this lady spells her name differently, she is Kym Wilde and she is a pornstar who likes a bit of a spanking. She was on the cover of one of the DVD’s in the bdsm section and it caught my eye. That’s her above.

Another name which caught my eye was Ron Jeremy but spelt slightly different, I can’t quite recall how it was spelled. This guy isn’t the loveable hedgehog that we all know so well, he was a young imposter. I wish I had taken more notice of the DVD now. I’ll let you know next time we visit. 😉

I think the reason I got put off taking more notice was that a girl was looking at the bdsm equipment at the same time as I was viewing the DVD titles. Then next thing we hear is a crack as she lands a whip across his back.

We didn’t know whether to look or ignore what just happened, as not to embarrass them. But now I come to think about it she obviously wasn’t a shy girl. Perhaps I should have expressed and interest in the selection of paddles!

There is always something new to see at the Adult Shop *giggle*