All Night Blow Job

By | May 3, 2011

SurprisedBlowjobs are something that men enjoy without exception, but women often perform grudgingly simply because their man enjoys it. You shouldn’t assume your partner will do something they find unpleasant just because you want it, but it is nice to know they will, because they love you. Expecting you partner to give you head regardless of how they feel is wrong.

In porn it would seem that no sex can take place without the girl getting a substantial and prolonged mouthful of cock. When you first see an on-screen gobble it’s exciting and made more so by the enthusiasm and expert delivery from the girl. Licking sucking and gagging they’re guaranteed to get any guy watching hard in their pants and within minutes a thigh covered in sticky precum or more.

Worryingly there are studios and producers out there who have decided that the BJ should become the backbone of the performance in many scenes now. The last scene I saw had a 7 minute BJ to begin with and further frantic gobbling throughout, between positions and of course just prior to the pop-shot.

It’s getting a bit dull boys and girls! There are lots of things to do with another human being than suck or be sucked. Not all work well on camera but enough do to make it unnecessary to spend half of every scene focused on a girl sucking a guy.

Am I alone in thinking like this?