Rock Chick Confusion

By | June 30, 2008

Rock ChickWeird how coincidences seem to happen upon you isn’t it. We were out and about yesterday while the combined army of technical gremlins conspired to knock out our site for half the day when we noticed something at the local retail park.

In a car parked in the carpark was a box. Well I say in the car, more accurately it was half in the car and half outside the car as it was a huge battery powered car, apparently for a young girl. The tailgate of the car was tied down with rope and bungees. The name of the toy stood out so much that we decided to detour and visit the toy store to bring you a picture of the vehicle, just to prove that the cosmos did actually conspire to create a freaky coincidence.

Rock ChickNote the name of the vehicle from the pictures in this post, now ask yourself how unlikely it is that we should see something like that a couple of hours before Suze was planning to post her review of the Rock Chick Vibrator on Sex Toys Buzz.

Let’s just hope that consignments of the two toys don’t get mixed up.

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