Fucked Doggy Style With Alex Next To Me

By | May 5, 2011

Jay Snake…but only in my head.

I consider myself to be quite a level headed individual. The girlish naivety left a while ago, I’m now a woman and I feel comfortable with who I am. I no longer feel the need to comply or be someone I’m not. It’s good to get to this place after years of insecurity brought about by abusing relationships.

Now I feel free to express myself like never before. Just look at this site for an example. If you had asked me 10 years ago if I would have ever considered doing this I would have laughed and said “No way1”.

And there is no going back.

That said, I do surprise myself sometimes. I have a confession to make. *giggle* I’m besotted with Jay Snake. OK, I said it.

Just like a true pro I vowed not to get involved with a pornstar and there I go falling for the big guy.

But I put it to you. How could you not be in lust after this guy, he is a 6’5″ well toned, good looking hunk with a cock to match. I haven’t told Alex yet but last night he was fucking me doggy style in our bedroom.

My dirty, dirty mind…