Lesbian Fantasies For The Boys

By | May 6, 2011

lesbian EmbraceWhen your partner comes home from work, especially when they begin a new job or move to a new department, they will often tell you about the new people they are working with.

Over time you build up a picture of those people from the fragments of information your partner imparts to you. When Suze was working in her previous job she was full of tales about Busty and Horny, they were three girls together and the source of much fun light relief which helped Suze through her working day. That and the obvious charms of busty.

I was able to get a pretty good idea of what the two girls looked like from Suze’s descriptions; And a very good idea of what Suze would have liked to do to Busty given half a chance.

When she moved to her new department Suze had new workmates, many of which you’ll have read about last year while she was still in her last job. The one she didn’t described in huge detail to me is the young girl she sat with. Now I found this odd, though a clue might be found in the fact that when I jokingly said that I wondered what she was like Suze told me in no uncertain terms that she wasn’t my type.

Hmm. Now I’m suspicious, is Suze keeping something from me? Was she secretly working on this woman so she can have her for herself. Or, was she secretly working on the her so I can come home and find them both warming the bed for me one evening … Well, a guy can dream can’t he.

I have such dirty pictures in my head.