Suze And Her New Vibe

By | June 30, 2008

I was intrigued by its claim that it was silent. We all long for the perfect silent bed partner for those times when we don’t want the visitors knowing we are playing. 😉

I was a little surprised and I must say a little disappointed when I opened the packaging that unlike most vibrators this one wasn’t made of silicone, soft and yielding. Instead it was made from a hard plastic.

But the best was yet to come!

The vibe is shaped to stimulate your g-spot with its curved tip. Ok, here comes the techie information:

It has an insertable length of 17cm
A girth of 14cm
Takes 3 x AA batteries, you can see where this is going can’t you…
Silent Vibrations is compact and has a speed control wheel mounted in the base. Unusual but so useful as you will find out. 😉

I decided to try the vibe out whilst writing this review, sat here in front of this monitor. I bet you are wishing I had a webcam on me right now, don’t you. First I opened up the base of the vibe and inserted the 3 batteries required and screwed it back together.

Alex is sitting next to me doing something for the site and trying not to be distracted by me as I load my new vibe ready for action. I’m sitting on my office chair in just my short nightie, it’s warm tonight no need for anything else.

I give the speed dial a quick roll, the vibe starts up and it is amazingly quiet. It just emits a low hum. Am I wet? My fingers slide down between my legs, parting my pussy. Yes. In anticipation my body has reacted in unison with my mind, it wants that vibe inside as much as I do.

Just in case I wet my middle fingers off my left hand and run them up my pouting slit. I know Alex is watching, I just caught him looking out of the corner of his eye. Shall I give him a show? I’m feeling dirty, horny…I’m up for it.

I know he is looking, watching me, waiting for me to push that vibe deep in to my cunt. He may pretend otherwise but I know, how he likes to see me play. Keeping me at arms length as his cock stirs beneath his boxer shorts. Don’t try to hide it, your cock is betraying you.

Leaning back in my chair I tilt my pelvis until my opening is penetrable, feet firmly fixed to the floor. I take the vibe in my hand and move it up and down between my moist lips, coating it’s head. Then with a gentle push I feel it parting me…boy do I feel it parting me. This is where the hard plastic comes in to a life of its own.

It feels hard and persistent as it pushes inside me. I turn the base ensuring that the curved end is inserted against the wall of my vagina, easing in to position on my g-spot. It’s nearly in all the way now and I can feel my pussy being stretched by the vibe, an arousing and satisfying feeling.

The hardness of the plastic feels good inside me a complete contrast to the softer vibes I have used. He is still typing away on that keyboard but I know he is watching, his chest now rises and falls with more urgency than before. Shallow and rapid, the breathing of an excited man.

His boxers now have a prominent bulge at the front and I smile, knowing he is getting off just watching me. A sideways flick of the finger and the vibe comes on. The vibration resonates inside me, deep and throaty, almost bass in its frequency. It stirs me and I feel the blood rushing in to my clit and pussy lips, they pulse with the enhanced blood flow. I turn the dial a little more and that vibe is sending me crazy. I’m not sure if it is the mechanism or the fact that the vibe is hard and conducting vibration so effectively. And to be honest I don’t give a fuck because it is bringing me close.

I take a look at my nipples, they are large, hard and erect, pushing against the cotton fabric of my nightie. Proud and aroused. I cheekily pinch the left one as I rise to a sitting position. I’m now unable to function on the keyboard……………………….

…Fuck! My toes started to tingle and my fingers joined in as the swell of orgasm built and exploded between my thighs. Now he notices… His hand takes my left strap off my shoulder blade and he takes my erect brownish pink nub in to his mouth. I whimper as he bites. “You bastard”, I exclaim with a smile.

His tongue flicks over my nipple and it glistens under the spotlights over our heads. I sat forward on the chair until the base of the vibe is resting on my seat. Alex leans forward with me, not wanting to let go his purchase on my breast. He seems to be trying to inhale my flesh, suckling away on me.

It occurs to me that if I wiggle my hips from side to side…”That feels bloody good”. I can control the up and down speed function by moving one way then the other. How funky is that. At that point Alex turned his chair to face me full on and his cock was standing to attention beging me to let him fuck me.

I turned off the vibe and placed it on my desk, then took Alex’s head from between my breasts and kissed him firmly on his wet lips. Sliding to the floor I took to all fours, pointing my ass at him as I pulled up my nightie to reveal my ass to him.

He didn’t need me to say anything at all. He just slipped behind me and I felt something hard but yielding enter me. 😉