Excited In The Country

By | May 8, 2011

No Sex Please We're BadgersAs long-term readers will know we live on the edge of some beautiful countryside. And by on the edge I mean that there’s nothing behind our house but fields and trees, and our front window opens onto a panorama of rolling hills.

This means that the garden is full of wildlife from all sorts of hedgerow and woodland birds to bats, foxes and the occasional badger that wanders in, digs up a bit of lawn and then waddles off again.

It’s therefore not uncommon to see and hear the mating antics of various species on the garden. This post is not, however, about that sort of malarkey.

I remember seeing a badger in the most unlikely place at the most unlikely time.

I was driving up the slip road, leaving the last A road before I turn into the narrower B roads on my way home when I saw a young badger, about 1/3 adult size trotting along, weaving its way around the supports for the Armco barrier. This was at four in the afternoon, broad daylight, not the favourite badger time of twilight. The youngster seemed totally un-phased buy the passing traffic, but ran of into the undergrowth before I could get my camera out to take a picture.

Like I said, nothing sexual, it just set me up for the weekend with a smile on my face.