Fucking A Tight Ass

By | May 8, 2011

Anal Glass DidloAs a child I often found out that after a long wait for something I was a tiny bit disappointed when I got it. You can put it down to marketing and my unquenchable optimism if you like. I always try to be positive, or at least I think I do, so when things don’t quite live up to expectations, be that a Christmas prezzie or a day trip I’m usually surprised.

The exception to this rule is pretty much anything to do with sex.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the first fondle of a bosom, first time I had sex, the first blowjob, first wank, first hand job, all of them were great and very exciting. They were often surprising too in that they delivered satisfaction in ways that I hadn’t imagined. Before you encounter any of these experiences you think about them, build up to them and construct a sensory map of them in your head. You think you know how they will feel but that is so often wrong.

The most surprising was anal sex. Yes it was tight, but I prefer the feel of a vagina around my cock. However what it does deliver is the shared experience of being very, very naughty, and the knowledge that your partner has allowed you to do something that requires them to trust you completely. Anal can be painful, even dangerous if not done responsibly and carefully, especially the first time. In my experience it is the whole experience and the feelings that go along with it, not the laddish “fucking her tight ass” that seems to be the source of so many men’s fascinations with anal sex.

So have any of you encountered any bedroom activities that have let you down?