Cum On My Specs

By | May 10, 2011

MeganekkoThe obvious thing to say about this ad campaign from Spec Savers is “Glasses, what glasses?” That would be rather dishonest. Despite the obvious charms of the rest of Kelly Brook’s body the eyewear is definitely prominent and an integral element of the sexiness of the images.

It could be argued that there are certain women who look sexy even if they are wearing a bin liner, that I have to concede. In this case I don’t think that is the case. For various reasons wearing glasses is perceived as unattractive but most of those circumstances that I have encountered have been at school. I didn’t wear glasses at school but witnessed those who did occasionally singled out. But that’s kids for you “Oooh he’s different let’s pick on him for no logical reason.”

In fact I’ve come to realise I rather like women who wear glasses. I wrote about it several months ago and as I wrote the post about Meganeko I suddenly realised I had a thing for women in glasses. Not quite a fetish you understand but a definite trigger for my libido.

I’m not that unusual so how many other men and women feel the same about prospective mates. Assuming they aren’t of the impression that wearing specs implies decrepitude there have to be a few people out there who like the slightly aloof, slightly geeky look specs give a person … and imagine the smouldering powder keg of libido underneath ready to burst out. LOL