Oral Sex

By | May 11, 2011

Gormy GapeI was once round at my cousin’s one late summer evening. He was younger than me by more than three years. He was about 9 at the time. He often asked me about things that puzzled him that his parents couldn’t answer, or he didn’t feel comfortable asking them.

In this instance we were kicking a ball around the back garden at his house when he asked “What’s oral sex?”

It’s at times like these that responsibility weighs heavily on your shoulders even at the age of 12. How do you answer that one. It’s bad enough suddenly discovering that he knows about something you feel you only just learned about i.e. sex. But when you’re asked about oral sex? It puts you in a bit of a position.

If you say you don’t know he looses faith in your worldliness, and probably runs inside to ask mummy and daddy. Would they then ask why he asked that question and was it you who put such ideas into his head.

If you tell him does he then run into mummy and daddy and ask if people “really do things like that?” At which point they ask you why you’re telling him about such things.

Quite a responsibility as I said and with every possibility that anything I said would get me into trouble and possibly traumatise my cousin for life.

Luckily I was saved by a flash of inspiration and said “Oh, that’s when you just talk about it”

Phew. That saved my bacon.