As If I need An Excuse To Get Fucking Hot And Sweaty

By | May 11, 2011

BBBI told you about the latest personal trainer at gym a while ago.  He looks very much like the television personality Rav Wilding, not quite as muscly, more athletic in build.  I’ve spent many hours staring at him whilst working out and I bet he knows it.  Lol

Well, when I turned up to do my usual circuit of machinery in the gym I was greeted by a new member of staff.  A new personal trainer.  And this one is a woman.  😉

I’ve only caught site of her from behind as I did my chest presses on the machine but she has a nice ass and long blonde hair.  She was training a girl over the other side of the gym and I didn’t get a proper look because she had disappeared from view by the time I’d finished punishing my muscles.

Can’t wait until my next session to check her out…I may even consider paying for her professional attention.  😉