Drowning In The Smell Of Sex

By | May 12, 2011

Ines CudnaUntil you’ve actually lost your virginity the smell of sex is something that is not only beyond your experience but something that never occurs to you. You may have experienced the different olfactory elements before, be that semen, vaginal fluid, sweat, but the combination of all of those is unique to sex and unique to each and every time you make love.

How you make love, fuck, screw, bang, shag or whatever you want to call it also dictates exactly what array of airborne chemicals will be generated. It’s a complex and unpredictable alchemy that is influenced by your mood, the temperature, humidity and all sorts of other factors and that’s just he aromas generated by two bodies engaged in fornication.

Humans have added to their own scents for millennia, either to attract the opposite sex or for purely practical reason. It could be smell of clothing, perhaps leather, or a perfume to beguile a mate. Whatever the extra-human source it can all become blended with the pure animal odours and bring the experience of a specific sexual encounter flooding back days, months or years after the event.

When Suze and I first started going out I remember the perfume she wore, the smell of her hair, Pernod and blackcurrant cordial, because that’s what she used to drink. That or lager and blackcurrant. Kissing her aniseed and blackcurrant lips is a very potent mine.

Anyone else got any unusual sex smells?