Big Brother Boob-A-Thon

By | July 2, 2008

Rebacca, Big Brother 10I think I’m going to start running a book to see who of the BB contestants will get a contract with Zoo/Nuts et al first. Currently my money is on Becks but who knows, by the end of the series even Darnel could be getting them out for the photographers.

What’s brought this on?

Well the other night Becs  couls be seen in the diary room wearing nothing but a towel. And what happened when she emerged?

She kept dropping the towel. And she kept dropping the towel. Now I like her, kind of, in a favourite neice kind of way, but this is a bit un-subtle isn’t it. Well if she wants a short career as an ex-BB housemate glamour model that may be the way to start, but there’s also Lisa and the rest of the girls who might be hard on her heals.

So who is going to have the wardrobe malfunction next?