London Porn Shoot Redux

By | May 12, 2011

BoobiesI came back in to the house from hanging out the washing this morning to find “The Rammer” attempting to force the cat flap with a substantial package.

As I opened the front door to greet him he through it on to the outside step and wandered off down the driveway.  He’s such a charmer.

When I looked down it was a Jiffy envelope stuffed with DVD’s from Harmony and I smiled as I locked the door and disappeared in to the office to grab some scissors to rip in to it.

To my delight on the top of the three DVD’s sent for review was one with a picture of Shay Hendrix wearing the outfit Alex and I saw her wearing when we attended the London porn shoot with Tanya Hyde at the beginning of the year.

My heart skipped a beat and I got quite giddy when I realised I now have a copy of the finished production and I couldn’t wait to tell Alex when he returned from work.

I managed to resist opening the DVD and taking a look all day but as soon as Alex got back he had it in his drive as fast as lightening.  Lol

Watch this space for more and a review of the DVD.  😉