Red Dress, Red Head, Red Hot

By | May 13, 2011

Pulp FictionI found the inset image on the Internet by chance and noticed the rather disturbing title of one of the stories that was apparently published within the magazine.

Pulp fiction like this was obviously prone to hyperbolic titles and lurid, eye-catching cover designs. But “The Amorous Corpse?” How did that one get past the editor. Or maybe they were so desperate to get some copies off the newsstand they were happy to cater for the necrophiliac market.

I doubt if the actual content of the story had anything to do with necrophilia but can you imagine a magazine today carrying such a crazy title?

I can’t imagine a more questionable title for a story, but if you know of one.

Come to think of it “Red-Headed Slaymate” sounds pretty dubious too.