Will She Be Your Fantasy?

By | May 14, 2011

Odd Boobed MangaThere’s a lot talked and written about the different fantasies that exist out there in the world. Some are quite common and well known, even if a particular fantasy is not something that turns you on you will be aware of it. I’m talking here about uniforms, role play, dominating, being dominated, that sort of thing.

Some fantasies are understandable by most people. The wide appeal of dressing in a certain way to look sexy, doing certain things to set the right mood has a wide appeal. There are some fantasies however that are a little odd. To the people who have them they are very appealing despite this, or maybe even because of this. We each have our own set of sexual buttons and different things which press them.

When I say odd I don’t mean extreme fantasies though. I am talking about the most peculiar things that turn you on or that you have found the very thought of which can make your loins stir.

I want to throw it open to everyone. What is the oddest thing that has every turned you on or that you crave to happen in a sexual context? It could be making love while holding a bowl of fruit, getting a blowjob while you sing the national anthem … anything at all.

Comment anonymously if you wish. In fact perhaps you should comment anonymously anyway, that would make it more fun.