Blow Job Alarm Call

By | May 15, 2011

Lick CockI rose out of the arms of sleep to a bright morning bleeding through the curtains. My eyes were still shut and I became aware of a movement in the room. A shadow passed across my closed lids, then I felt her slip into bed beside me.

I was already on my side facing her and was about to open my eyes to look at her when I felt her slip under the covers. I was naked, warm beneath the sheets. Her hand pushed my upper leg back, exposing my semi-erect cock and hairless balls. I played along, feigning sleep and waited for her hand to grab my shaft.

Instead she began to kiss my cock, starting at the tip and heading steadily towards my balls. When she reached them her lips pressed against them, soft and yielding on my tightening scrotum. I was hard now, several minutes of her kisses had made sure of that. Then she sucked one of my balls into her mouth and rolled it around a little. The slightest of sucks made me groan and the pretense of slumber evaporated.

My hand mingled with her hair and she moved to my other firm orb to treat it to the same gentle sucking as its twin. She released me from her mouth and pushed her head between my legs licking at my sensitive perineum, making me shake and groan. Her hand grasped my shaft, gently stroking the soft skin up and down the hard core.

My head must have been glistening with precum by now, the skin of my foreskin sliding over it with oily ease. Her tongue traced a path upwards now, between my balls, along the ridge under my cock reaching the frenulum. She rubbed the taught tissue with her tongue, the quakes this caused along my body making her giggle with glee. After a while she moved on, circling the head of my cock with her swirling, restless tongue for a while, tasting my clear fluid and lapping up every drop. Finally she probed the very tip of me with her tongue seeking the precum before it had chance to escape.

Her lips enfolded me and I felt myself engulfed by her warm mouth. I slipped inside feeling her tongue rubbing the underside of my cock and was then forced into the narrow opening of her throat. I would never fit down there but she did like to try and I could feel the pressure as she pushed her head forward onto my erection, only the bulbous head of by cock popping briefly past the back of her mouth.

Her hand was pumping my shaft more vigorously now, the head of my cock inside her with her lips sealed around the corona at the base of my glans. She sucked and flicked my engorged cock head with her tongue. There was no holding back and I was in no mood to do so. She could feel my final swelling, sense the change in the angle of my body and with a final vigorous stroke I began to cum. The spasm gripped me, buttocks clenched and wave after wave of contractions pumping cum into her mouth. I felt her gulp hard, swallowing the viscous liquid and then lap gently at my sensitive glans to pick up every last drop of white, salty cum.

She slid up the bed and we kissed deeply, the distinct flavour of my semen spreading through both of our mouths.