Blood Ties

By | August 16, 2006

This is my second attempt at Haiku, ever. I did a bit of research on Haiku before I started and scared the pants off myself. The complexities of Japanese Haiku (written in Japanese) are a little too much for a beginner like me, so I took the “if it’s not written in Japanese you can choose your own rules” approach. I chose just the 5-7-5 rule 🙂

So I crave your indulgence.



Pale frosted skin
Needle sharp white intruders
Sudden gasp, tensing

Tear’s well overflows
Essence ebbs expunging soul
Regret forgotten

Liberated bride
Hungers now as did her groom
Seeks to satiate

Bound in soulnessness
Never dyeing, no more alive
Hunger deepest red

Partners eternal
Chained in blackest damnation
Compelled by hot lust

Helios reviled
Monarchs of inky blackness
Feared dark deities

Forbidden lovers
Secret objects of desire
Are my depravity

The naughty little picture attached to this post is by Victoria Francés. You can find lots of her work here.