Hand Job And A Nibble

By | July 4, 2008

I tend to use a cash card for most of my purchases these days, cash is rarely required and I tend to let Alex keep my card in his wallet. The reason being that when we shop we usually do it together, unless I’m buying something that I don’t want him to know about.

This does cause problems, just like it did today. I came to set off after Alex for work and discovered that I didn’t have any change for my sandwich and I couldn’t make a withdrawal from the cash machine because he had my card. Bugger!

Before leaving the house I called him on his mobile and he agreed to meet up with me at lunchtime and buy me a sandwich.

The morning passed slowly and uneventfully at work, too much to do and too little time. A familiar story. I’m not getting much time to chat with Horny since Busty went on holiday, people keep bloody phoning up and spoiling our conversations the minute we start. Customers can be so inconsiderate. Lol

Then lunchtime arrived.

Alex got to the greasy spoon before me and when I arrived and parked up in the usual spot he was already waiting goodies in hand sat in his car. I reversed mine up next to his and he jumped in to mine.

It was hot today and I managed to park under some trees to afford us some shade from the heat of the sun. He leaned over to kiss me and passed me a white paper bag containing my sandwich.

“Wouldn’t you like a starter first?”, I asked in my naughty little girl voice.
“Well, I suppose I could be persuaded…what do you have in mind?”, he enquired with a look of anticipation.

At that moment I turned to face him and made for his groin giving him a coy upward stare before concentrating on my prize. đŸ˜‰ He shuffled in his seat, pushing his ass forward and opening his legs. A man in a suit always works for me, he loosened his tie.

I took hold of the metal zipper of his grey flannel trousers and with a metal upon metal grating sound pulled it down to the base. I fumbled inside and found the opening to his boxers gaping, demanding entry.

He was semi erect and warm inside those shorts, I teased him out in to the open. I had a deep desire to take him in my mouth and tease him in to full erection but I had to keep my eyes out for passers by. One wouldn’t hurt though and I slipped on to my left buttock and pushed it hard back against my door as I bent over Alex’s groin.

With a quick suck, I pulled him up in to my mouth and I ran my tongue quickly around his cock, swirling and sucking eagerly. Alex released a satisfied moan and glided his hand over my head. I couldn’t stay in this position, it was too dangerous. We could be caught. Although the element of danger was adding to my arousal and his, he was now hard as I took took him back in to my left hand.

I pulled back the flesh from his cock head revealing the shiny hardness beneath. Pre cum oozed from the slit in his helmet, glistening in the summer light. Alex looked hot in his grey suit and so dirty with his cock peeping out of his flies.

Not wanting to waste a minute of our brief time together I started to work his foreskin back and forth. “Spit on it”, I asked realising that he was drying due to the heat. Alex leaned over and expertly deposited a blob of spit on the tip of his cock and just a little on his trousers, but it would dry.

I massaged his frenulum with my thumb and started to wank in earnest. Alex pushed himself back in to the seat, resting his head against the headrest. I kept watch while wanking away at his cock with my hand. Only the tell tale shoulder movement to betray me to onlookers. đŸ˜‰

His veins were on end and he was as hard as a rock. He was now uncontrollably bucking his hips up from the seat to meet with my down stroke. I spat on the end this time and watched as the retracting foreskin drew the spit around his cock.

My hand was really pumping that big hard cock now and my panties were moist just watching him enjoying every stroke. I placed my right hand between my legs, hitching up my summer dress until I found the gusset of my panties. Still working that cock, up and down, up and down.

Fingers easily sought out my throbbing clit and started to roll it. It put me off my stroke for a moment as my neurons responded to my ministrations, firing and making me feel horny. For that moment I had forgotten about Alex who was now moaning quite loudly as I resumed work on his erection.

Then…”Suze, I’m going to”, I didn’t give him chance to complete his sentence I quickly leaned over his groin and took him in my mouth, sucking down on him hard. Bouncing up and down on his throbbing dick. His hand cupped my head and he bucked a couple of times before growling as I felt the first ejection of cum hit the roof of my mouth.

It was quickly followed by another and another. I was almost gagging and withdrew him from my mouth, raising my head to take in oxygen. As I drew in a deep breath to recover I continued to work his cock and he shuddered to a stand still.

He turned his head towards me and smiled, eyes still closed. Then he opened them and mouthed the words “I love you”.

No time to bask in the afterglow he tucked his cock back in to this trousers and pulled up the zipper, promising to see to me later. I couldn’t wait.

We both ate our lunch and then kissed goodbye. As he was alighting from the car I noticed a white mark on the front of his trousers and pointed to it laughing.

“Oh shit, how am I going to explain this back at work”, he exclaimed.

“Tell them you had mayo on it”, I giggled starting up the engine.