More Kink

By | May 16, 2011

Black PVCI wrote recently about odd things that press your buttons, that is I asked you all what is the weirdest and most unique thing that gets your juices flowing. This time I suppose I’m wondering here about the sort of things that might be common to a lot of people, a certain look, a smell, a gesture, an accent …

… what is it that gets you going, guaranteed!

Suze could probably list a number of things that make my ears (and other things) prick up.

Accents, I love accents, Scottish, Irish, French, Italia, yes, most accents.

Smart dressing, yep I like uniforms and I also like women who dress to look feminine but not girly.

Intelligence, love intelligent women.

Like I said I’m sure Suze would list a few more things that I like.

But what about you guys, and of course girls. What is guaranteed to get you going?