Shiny And Hot Or Slimy And Wet, How D’you Like Your ET Sex?

By | May 16, 2011

Princess AuraHere’s a question for everyone. If you could create life, i.e. from nothing create a new life form, would you go to bed with it?

I’m not talking about a sex droid type of thing here. I mean a living, breathing sentient organism, capable of rational thought and possessing emotions. Like a human being, but because of your fiendish evil-scientist-like skills better, more attractive and with a bigger sex drive than any human partner born of woman.

Would it be a wet dream, an orgy of sex, the ultimate fantasy fuck? Or would it be the freakiest cross-species creep you out type of nightmare?

Let’s face it, she could look like the Bride of Frankestein (as in Elsa Lanchester), or she could look like Ornella Muti (Princess Aura from Flash Gordon).

Any toughts people?