The Naked Blogger

By | May 17, 2011

OutedI’m one of those people who knows her own mind. I have followed fashion and still do, but not slavishly and only when I think that fashion has got it right. I’ve had a few fashion disasters of my own but then again at the time they were really fashion triumphs, it never does to look back at old photos. Lol

From that perspective has the latest fashion left me behind? This fashion is one that comes in and out of vogue about once every 18 months – being “outed” as a sex blogger. All fashions start somewhere and the latest one began when Belle De Jour skilfully and brilliantly managed her “exposure” to add to her reputation. It is a shame that most people who attempt this process fail, fail badly and get the exposure without the fame and fortune. You have to have a USP if your memoirs are to stand out from the crowd.

Surely, lets not forget, once the pussy is out of the bag there is no pushing it back inside again.  Over the years that I’ve been adult blogging I think I have just about seen it all and so much of what’s taken place has been not only avoidable but predictable. I’m sure some things online will continue to surprise me but when it comes to bloggers with a plan to engineer their own “demise” and aspiring to then rise up as the next Belle De Jour?  I’m not sure they will be able to pull it off.

I used to wonder if people were intentionally starting up blogs with the purpose of being “outed”, “discovered” or whatever you want to call it. Now I only ask “How many people are doing it?”

Media prostitution is on the increase…beware.