Sexually Suggestive

By | May 18, 2011

Great FitsI never envisaged those two words being used to describe a Marks & Spencer advertisement.  This great British institution has never been seem as provactively sexual, more a stylish, refined example of how the typical English lady would like to dress.

But their advertising campaigns have come under fire along with other like Diesel by the public.  Over the last 3 years over 8,000 adverts have attracted complaints of their potential effects on children.  And there is a concern that the provocative images being used to promote products is encroaching on spaces where children are who could possibly be affected by them.

Not so long ago it a nice cleavage on a Wonderbra ad or other undies poster was tolerated.  After all can’t we see more sexual imagery on a sun drenched beach.

What’s your thought on this?