Women With Sex Toys Want More Cock

By | May 18, 2011

SexI’ve been thinking over this question in my head all day and I don’t seem to have arrived at an answer.  What question I hear you shout at the screen.  This one…”why do men seem to be threatened by sex toys?”.

Now before you all jump in just consider these frames of reference.  Most porn films I have seen that involve a lady using a toy, with the exception of lesbian productions don’t seem to a) use the toy to it’s full potential i.e I’ve seen girls using vibes without switching them on and b) are hurriedly played with and then cast aside as the male strolls on set with his cock hanging out of his pants.

Why is this?

Then I’ve just come across a real life encounter with a guy online who was sure that my fella wouldn’t be happy about me using a toy and that they couldn’t replace the real thing.  I had to stifle the giggle when I replied that my fella uses and tests toys too.  Lol

I know I have a high sex drive but I find if I bring myself off in the daytime, I’m still up for a good hard shagging at night.  So guys don’t worry that you many become redundant.  In fact she may want it more.

Why the negative attitude to using toys?  Do some men feel threatened by them?  Toys aren’t just for girls and aren’t just for single people either.  You can have lots of fun playing with your partner.  And guys, just think about it for a moment.  Would you rather use a clit vibe on her or your tongue for 10 minutes or more?

Now you’re beginning to see where they do have their advantages.  😉

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