Hot Sweaty, Sweaty And Hot

By | May 19, 2011

HotHot and sweaty can mean several things and the context is very important.

I find it gratifying to be hot and sweaty knowing that I’ve just completed an arduous task. The sense of achievement from completing anything requiring hard physical labour is double because my daily life doesn’t require me to do anything more strenuous than lift a PC. So feeling that I’ve shed a few millilitres of water and burned of a few calories turning soil in the garden for example is great.

Likewise going to the gym makes me feel physically great and very virtuous.

Then there’s sex. I mean we all feel great after that and feeling orgasmic an hot can be quite transcendental.

However at the moment I am the worst kind of hot and sweaty. I have a cold and/or hayfever. I feel like shit and I’m hoping that I will shake it off before too long as I hate being this lethargic.