Rubbing My Pussy

By | May 19, 2011

PussyWhen it comes personal grooming I like to have my pussy shaved on a No 1.  It’s the best way to keep it trimmed, I find wet shaving and depilatory creams bring me out in a nasty itchy rash which doesn’t look to good either.

I let Alex shave me once a week usually on the weekend.  The only time we don’t trim me is if the light is bad because Alex always ends up manually trimming me with a small pair of scissors.  He’s so thorough.  Lol

However at this time of year my pussy hair conspires against me and seems to grow far faster during the Summer months which means I end up with stubble only a few days later.

I was reminded of this at gym today.  As I rowed away I became aware of pussy drag going on between my legs as my hair caught on my lycra leggings with each movement.

I’m hoping one of the evening will be bright enough this week for Alex to be able to do a bit of pussy topiary and that I don’t have to wait till the weekend.  That is unless anyone is free to do it tomorrow morning.  lol