Are Boobs This Big Too Good To Be True?

By | May 19, 2011

Alice GoodwinYou will most probably know if you read here regularly I’m a boob girl.  There is nothing better than an ample chested lady, even better if they are natural.

Therein lies the problem, good surgery these days can result in the finest natural looking pair of breasts.  So even to the discerning eye unless they are oversized it is difficult to tell.

I was promoted to write this post by the young lady up in the top left corner of this post, who in my opinion is a close contender with Lucy Pinder for booblicious babe.  But is Alice Goodwin a natural 30FF?

I’m not so sure having seen a picture of her laying down and her boobs remain firmly seated on top of her ribs.  Normally boobs, especially large boobs would loll under the armpit slightly but her’s remained pert.  Hmmm.

Is this the only way to discover if your muse is a natural big and bouncy now or does anyone else have a different method?