Secret Sexuality

By | July 5, 2008

Horny and I have had a very busy week at work we have hardly had time to make conversation other than discussing aspects of work. I can’t wait for Busty to come back but she is off next week too.

The only intermission I have had from the constant grind has been at lunchtime when I get to escape for a full hour of calm. As you know if you read my post the other day, Alex came over and we got a bit naughty in the car, I wish all lunch breaks could be that way. 😉

I’ve been with the company now for approaching 17 months and feel that I get on with most of the people there, just one guy is a total asshole who annoys almost everyone. But I suppose there is always one, isn’t there?

Over the months I seem to have gained the trust and confidence on my co-workers and I feel that I can talk to them about most things. That is apart from the fact that I write for an adult blog and review sex toys in my spare time. I omitted that part. Lol

So, you can imagine my sheer surprise when Horny confided in me today that her son is gay. My mouth nearly hit the floor. For some paranoid reason, I then started to think back to all the things I had ever said about gay people. Not that I’m prejudiced, far from it, my best friend is gay and I’m bisexual.

You just do, you question yourself.

I was shocked and once I got over the initial impact I started to wonder why she had never felt comfortable disclosing this to me before. We have aired many subjects between us and there have been so many opportunities. But hey, I suppose she still feels that there are too many judgemental people out there and is guarded.

Furthermore she went on to reveal that his boyfriend is coming over and staying the night. That is one pretty fantastic mother. She is my kind of person and for some reason I can now see her in a totally different light.

Strange how one incident can change your whole perception of someone. I now feel so much closer to her, I suppose it’s because we have a common secret between us. Never a boring day at the office…