Red Hot Passion

By | July 6, 2008

Donna NobleWARNING: This post contains Dr Who plot spoilers.

I’m pissed off. At the end of last week’s Dr Who we were left to see if the Doctor would transform into another actor as he began to regenerate after being shot by a Dalek. I was pretty unimpressed to find that rumours on the Internet were suggesting that John Simm had been contracted to play the Doctor.

Now I don’t have a problem with John Simm, far from it, after playing Sam Tyler in the BBC drama “Life On Mars” I am a huge fan of his. In fact the remake on US TV is almost sacriligious in my opinion, even if it does feature the ever cuddly Colm Meaney as Jean Hunt. I mean Gene Hunt! I could never work out why Kako in Deep Space 9 would go for him and as for Gene Hunt… but I digress.

So I was there, awaiting the Doctor’s regeneration into the guy who played the Master and what happens? We end up with two Doctors. I’ll go no further as the plot spoilers for those of you who haven’t seen the season finale are mounting up here. However, there’s one more spoiler to add.

Donna Noble is no longer the doctor’s companion.

Oh, for fucks sake why? I understand that she may not have wanted to do another season, it’s a commitment and if your name happens to be say Elisabeth Sladen you’ll always be known as Sarah Jane Smith the Doctor’s assistant. It can be difficult to get non-Dr Who work after Doctor Who.

But she was bloody brilliant at the job. Funny, feisty, busty … OK so the last one wasn’t entirely relevant to the job as companion but it worked for me. For all those people out there who didn’t like her in the role; You’re wrong. She was great and played against David Tennant brilliantly.

At least they’ve left the door open for her to return, kind-of, but I’m going to miss her, really miss her in the role.

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