Naked Girlfriends Online, One Consequence Of The Internet Age

By | May 23, 2011

Touch YourselfArtist: Can I paint you naked?
Model: If you like.
Artist: Only one problem.
Model: What’s that?
Artists: I’ll not have anywhere to put my brushes.

Being an artist’s model was once both a respectable and nerve wracking experience. Although artists throughout the ages have needed models to disrobe for the purposes of life drawing and sculpture that artistic necessity must always have made models a little nervous.

Luckily many men and women have been willing to disrobe to allow artists to create the great masterpieces.

Often the models were the wives/lovers of the artists involved, so the embarrassment factor was lessened or absent. This is the case of course when you and your partner decide to take intimate pictures or videos of yourselves. The most intimate being images of you both involved in sex.

That in itself is a dangerous endeavour as if you were to split up … who gets the videos/photos?

An increasing number of people do create graphic and explicit images of themselves and their partners engaged in sex and masturbation for their own consumption. The question is how many of you have considered doing so to post on the Internet, and how many of you have actually done it?