Sex, Crime And Potential Fucks

By | July 6, 2008

Kirsty YoungI feel so naughty for even contemplating writing this post but it has to be said. I’m so in to the presenters of Crime Watch. It’s nothing to do with the crimes in themselves, no, no, it relates solely to the presenters of the programme.

Jill Dando was a beautiful and talented presenter who had her life taken from her in 1999. Jill was a young, intelligent, successful and talented lady who also was fortunate enough to be a stunner too. It was her that hooked me in to watching the programme.

Then came the sexy, sultry and carnally naughty Fiona Bruce, she is so dirty. Don’t ask me why, it could be the glint in her eye I’m not sure but she looks hot to drop (them hehehe). She captivated me for a long time and inspired many lesbian fantasies. 😉

Who would think that a programme whose sole aim is to capture criminals would be the be the inspiration for such naughty fantasies.

Recently Fiona has been replaced by Kirsty Young. That woman can make your pants fall off at 20 paces. She comes across as a dominatrix, with a strong Scottish accent and a playful manner.

And don’t get me started on Rav Wilding…he is a hunk. I can’t believe he is currently a detective constable.

I would like him to take down my particulars any time he likes. 😉