Oral Sex

By | May 24, 2011

Blow JobI have just read a quick article on The Guardian re a woman’s relationship having broken up because she didn’t want to give her partner oral. As Pam suggests the problems in the relationship were possibly more deep-seated and this could have been given as a reason to terminate the relationship.

Which mad me sit back and think. A relationship between two people is all about give and take and if you really care about your partner you wouldn’t insist that they participate in an act that they don’t wish to.

Also a certain amount of understanding and patience could have been expressed in this particular case. For example they could have tried one of the many fruity tasting body creams and explored licking and sucking that from his member.

She didn’t elaborate if it was the smell, gagging, taste or exactly which part of fellatio she didn’t enjoy to be able to explore these ideas.

It’s a shame really because when two loving adults participate in oral sex it can be such a wonderful part of sex, one which adds to the act itself.

Can I put this question to you? Would you or do you participate in acts with your partner purely for their enjoyment? If so what do you do?

This is an interesting field. If you wish to read the full article it can be found here.