When One Pair Of Boobs IS Enough

By | May 25, 2011

Ewa SonnetIt’s a fact that women’s boobs seem to be increasing in size. You can tell this from the lingerie stands in women’s outlets. Not so many years ago you would have had to buy large bras from a specialist retailer, now it is common place to see the mammoth sized bras alongside the smaller ones.

When I was a teenager it was easy to find a AA sized bra, which is what I was wearing at the time. All say Ahhh! Now you are lucky to find anything smaller than an A cup on the rails.

I’m so glad that my boobs have become quite ample because there were many problems relating to having small ones for me. Equally having extremely large ones can bring its problems too.

I just read an article in the Mirror about Norma Stitz as she likes to be known. She has a 102ZZZ chest and despite all the problems she faces with such boobs she wouldn’t have them reduced.

You can read the full story here.

I would like mine a little bigger but not quite this big. Lol