Alien Sex Fiend

By | July 7, 2008

Billy PiperI confess right here and now that I never ever liked Doctor Who when I was kid. As a child I never got it, people dressed up in rubber costumes trying to look menacing when really they looked ridiculous. And the Doctors! They were all lacking charisma, not sure if it was my age but I didn’t like any of them.

The programme didn’t even redeem itself by providing some good female assistants, well not that I recall anyway. So, I gave the whole thing a miss and watched something else instead. Oh, and it just came back to me…I hated the bloody Daleks they stole my boyfriend. Lol

Ok, I’ll explain. He was addicted to the programme and even had a Dalek costume. I kid you not. Perhaps that’s where I got my indifference from, I really liked him but he was more interested in being a bloody Dalek. Oh well, his loss. 😉

But over the last couple of years I have become quite a fan. The special effects are so much better, well I don’t think they could be much worse. Also the choice of the Doctor has been improved too, I just loved Christopher Ecclestone he had something about him that I can’t even now put my finger on. He just seemed…well, horny!

Then we move on to the current Doctor. I didn’t like him at first but David Tennant has won me over. He is enigmatic and very sexy, oh and I forgot to mention cute. But lets not forget his assistants, Billy Piper was hot and Donna who bowed out just the other day was very amusing, no charming, I really liked her.

So, what now? Who is going to be the new assistant to the Doctor?

I’m trying to come up with some suitable girls for the role. Who do you think would make a good assistant?