Sex The Faux French Way

By | May 25, 2011

Pool AssI found this article on the BBC’s magazine this morning. Have a read then come back here.

It reminded me of school. Whereas the author here had gone to Paris, had experienced the sexual buffet on order, and hadn’t claimed to have sampled the delights of the parisien prostitutes he was like me and my friends at school when people asked him about it.

In the article he’s totally honest about the fact that he didn’t sleep with one of the women he met. He reserves his “knowing smile” for when people ask him about his sexual experiences in Paris.

At school however we would bluff and bullshit our way through our later school years. It’s an odd irony that as you get older you are more prepared to admit that you don’t know something about a subject, or you haven’t experienced something than when you’re younger. As you grow as a person and do gain genuine experience the more you realise that it’s OK to say “I don’t know, I’ve never done that”.

Well for some people it is anyway.

Isn’t it always that no matter what sphere of life you circulate in, be that work or socially there’s always someone who claims to have done it all? It’s mainly, but not exclusively a man thing.

I had a colleague who constantly banged on about blowjobs, anal, scat and worse. And did he talk some rubbish about them. It became difficult to actually function in the office with him droning on about the more extreme stuff. We got the feeling he was compensating for his wife not dishing out the rations. She was a nice, if reserved girl and we suspected a little unadventurous. You had to feel sorry for her. Did she know what he was like?

I suppose it’s a form of Münchausen syndrome, the depserate need for attention.