From Boob Job To Gang Bang

By | May 26, 2011

Bad BoobsThe Jeremy Kyle show on Friday morning was both sad and hilarious at the same time.  This guy had purchased his girlfriend a new pair of boobs.  Previously she had been so self conscious that she would wear chicken fillets to make herself look bigger.

Now you would think that they would both be happy with her new ample sized chest but there were more insecurities to emerge.

One night she attended a party and went back to him with messy hair this resulted in him concluding that she had taken part in a gangbang whilst at the party.  She was beside herself with distress and anger at his accusations which didn’t end there, her then proceeded to ask friends and acquaintances if they knew anything about it.  Much to his girlfriend’s embarrassment as they lived in a small village and everyone was now thinking the worst of her..

He also alleges that something was going on with his best friend and her after finding him touching her boobs in their bathroom with his own girlfriend beside him.  He explained that he was merely checking how they felt and that his girlfriend was there but this guy believed something was going on between them.

This guy even thought she had a thing going with her cousin.  He had become totally paranoid.  It just shows you be careful what you wish for.

They had gone on the show so she could take a lie detector test to prove that she hadn’t been putting it about and guess what…her results showed that she hadn’t been playing away from home at all.

Is there a moral in this story?