Kimberley Walsh Fancies A Bit Of Tulisa

By | May 27, 2011

TulisaNow I don’t like the X Factor, nor do I follow celebrity news and gossip because I’ve got better things to do. Like say staring at paint drying. However occasionally something does pique my interest. Apparently the judges on the show are changing, so far so yawn!

But it turns out that Kimberley Walsh (Girls Aloud), is she a judge already? Thinks that Tulisa from N-Dubz would be good in the job. Dunno what the qualifications for the job are but it would be interesting to see her try. We saw her present a documentary last year and were pretty impressed. Intelligent, caring, thoughtful and of course rather decorative. At least one of the former is probably a qualification for the X Factor job. The other three … maybe they will count against her. :p

If anyone would care to educate me in the ways of the X Factor, or as it should be more properly known “The Simon Cowel Gravy Train” then feel free. The guy is a genius. He gets a TV company to spend millions on a show to promote an act that he then exploits when they have been made famous by someone else’s money and when they are past their sell-by date he gets another one. And now in the UK and US. Wish I’d thought of it.