We`ve All Done Amateur Porn, Haven`t We?

By | May 31, 2011

Suze… Can Teach Us All A Lesson

I’m not sure what percentage of the population has participated in this but I hold my hands up to it. Alex and I have several videos featuring us in action. They were not just a record of our encounters together but it added a kinky dimension to having sex.

Yes you were totally aware of the camera. In fact so much so that Alex kept on jumping off the bed to adjust the camera angle as we moved out of shot. Lol The result was a very amateurish video but it was of us and that made it different, exciting.

Now I come to think about it I have no idea what happened to our attempts at homemade porn. I’ll have to ask Alex when I finish writing this post.

But it brings me to the story I read about a couple of Welsh teachers who made a porn video which appeared online. No explanation is given in the story as to how it managed to turn up online.

The result is that the woman has resigned from her job and the man is facing disciplinary proceedings with the school. I wonder if the kids found it or were they stupid enough to submit it to an amateur site where they were recognised?

Either way, be careful what you do with your homemade smut. It is probably best locked away. Now to ask Alex where he put ours. 😉