The Perils Of Masturbation

By | June 1, 2011

MasturbationI’ve had some work done recently.  No, it’s not a boob job.  Lol  I’ve been indulging in some girlie pampering, thought it was about time I spent some time and money on me after all what’s the point in earning it if you don’t enjoy it right!

So I got myself some nice nails or silks as they are known in the industry.  I can grow my nails and keep them a good length for a while but then they weaken at the base and break off.   And may I add they look great and Alex is enjoying them running up and down his back.

Girls if you want to talk your fella in to spoiling you with a new set of nails mention the back thing and I’m sure it won’t take long before he is springing for set.  Lol

There is a downside besides not being able to do certain things like pull up zippers with ease.  They are a little bit of a nuisance when it comes to self pleasure.

I decided to take some time out from a busy morning of credit control and have a bit of a twiddle in the bedroom.  Expecting my saliva slicked finger to simply slip between my swollen pussy lips and furiously rub one out was a big mistake.

As soon as I started to run from side to side I started to graze my clit and stab my pussy lips with each sideways stroke.


It’s a bloody good job  I have a toy for that job.  Lol  I quickly retrieved my clit vibe from my bedside draw and finished the job safely.

There should be a warning sign on the wall at the nail salon saying that false nails can be detrimental to your sexual health,.  😉